A massive solar storm has struck the globe, which has resulted in power fluctuations and Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking disturbance. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) space physicist has discovered that there has not been any damage since this heavy storm hit the earth.He also noted that this storm could last for one day or several days.

Solar Storm

On Tuesday morning, the glowing natural radiant which emanated covered the skies, but a lot of Australians over slept and could not observe it. The Southern light appeared in the East Coast of Aussie after the massive solar flare struck the earth. Andrea Evans of Sky News indicated that she discovered the lights very early morning from Girvan, NSW

On Sunday, the NOAA space physicists discovered that a mighty magnetic plasma surge has travelled from the sun at an abnormal speed greater than the usual, and struck the earth yesterday. Comparing this storm to that of March 2015 and September 2005 it is confirmed that this is the heaviest.



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