solar plane

Andre Borschberg is the inventor, pilot and the mainspring behind the Solar Impulse, which is the first plane with an uninterrupted ability to fly day and night withoutusing any fuel. The first Round-the World Solar Flight was tested to prove that alternative technologies and renewable energies can attain what others think is impossible.

The solar plane crossed the Pacific Ocean and it landed safely in Hawaii, smashing all distance and duration of the world’s records for solar aviation!

The previous record for non-stop flight without refueling belonged to American pilot Steve Fossett, who in 2006 flew his jet-powered Virgin Global Flyer vehicle around the world, traveling nearly 26,000 miles (41,000 km).

The new milestone was set 76 hours into the latest leg of Solar Impulse’s journey across the globe.

Unlike Fossett’s plane, Solar Impulse has no fuel. Its wings are covered with 17,000 photovoltaic cells that power the vehicle’s electric motors and charge its lithium-ion batteries to sustain flight during the night hours.

This is a fabulous achievement and is indeed a great way to develop the effectiveness of solar technology by pushing the limits of what is possible. This shows that future looks brighter.



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