Biggest Wind Farm Auction

The Australian Capital Territory has formally inaugurated its second largest wind farm auction. This move will increase the amount of electricity the Australian Capital Territory purchases from wind farm in a three-year range.

The first wind-farm auction by ACT Government was won by three winners; the Ararat wind-farm situated in south-west Victoria, the Coonooer Bridgewind-farm located in north-west Bendigo and the Hornsdale wind farm close to Port Augusta in SA.

The move regarding the second auction was made public by the ACT Government a month ago. This is part of the motive of meeting the most enthusiastic 90% renewable energy target Australia is aiming at by 2020.

Simon Corbell, the Environment Minster formally launched the Territory’s second wind farm auction, and the Government is anticipating”competitive bidding” for the projects from investors, companies and developers in the renewable energy industry. He went on to say that the move should be capable of making good use of “favourable market conditions”, and could generate an additional 200-MW of electricity from wind turbines, which is sufficient to supply approximately 106,000 households in Canberra.

“Now is the time to secure competitive pricing,” Mr. Corbell stated.”There’s no doubt that if we were to wait until next year we would see potentially less competitive projects coming into the mix.”

The Environment Minister indicated that this wind farm auction will add at least two more wind farm projects to the already three-auctioned ones. In addition he noted that the ACT Government has signed solar energy contracts with Willamsdale, Royalla and Hume in southern ACT.

Out of the six contracts, only one is currently operating, with the rest still under construction or in the approval pipeline.

“The reality is that getting renewable energy projects on the ground takes time,” Mr Corbell stated.

“But we are well advanced with our renewable energy projects — one operational in the ACT, another about to commence construction in the ACT, and three wind farm projects also commencing construction in a very short turnaround from when they were awarded ACT feed-in tariff support.”

“I have every confidence that we will see significant development over the next 12 months of all of these projects.”

Mr Corbell stated that the inclusion of the second large-scale wind farm auction would not bring any change to the
expected financial load on Canberra households, which was anticipated to reach $4.67 every week by 2020.

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