Adani Power Ltd, the Indian company which was eager to construct ambitious and the most talked-about mega-coal mining station in the Galilee Basin, have set plans to construct a large-scale solar station in the centre of Queensland’s major coal area, the Bowen Basin.

The Indian company has requested for government support for its $15 billion Galilee Basin project, which demandshuge investment in a rail link to Abott Point and an upgrade of the port.

Private banks are having some doubts at the project, the Federal government is somewhat not in support since the replacement of Tony Abbott as prime minister, but the state Labour government seems supportive.

A spokesperson for Adani was not immediately able to assure us that the company had consulted the owners of the lands, or on the position of the project. If a project is proposed, it will likely take some months just to get development approval from the local council, even after agreements are struck with local landowners.

Queensland is appearing as a hot-spot for large scale solar growth, with Ergon Energy holding a tender for not less than 150MW of capacity, and the Queensland government holding a tender for not less than 60MW of capacity.

Several official requests have been tendered for large-scale solar in Queensland.

Construction of solar energy project by Adani would be paradoxical to many, owing to their initial interest in coal and the fact that the project will be situated in the centre of coal country.  But it would make sense, and it will benefit majority of renewable energy loving Australians.

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