Asset Management

GEM Energy has the know-how to manage your investment in the future

Your commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant is a long-term asset.

With appropriate maintenance, it will pay its dividends for decades to come. That is why every one of our commercial solar installations comes with a comprehensive three-year operation and maintenance package worth $1200 per year.

GEM Energy monitors your solar PV system remotely to ensure its smooth operation at all times.

We ensure minimal system downtime for maximum energy production and payback. And if problems occur, we can easily pinpoint the issue and send out some of our local contractors to fix it.

GEM Energy’s Asset Management Package consists of:

24/7 remote monitoring and diagnostics

  • Powerful Solar-Log software in our centralized power plant control center delivers detailed, real-time information on system performance, string level output, energy usage, grid voltage, panel voltage, temperature of inverters, and faults.
  • Detect problems before they surface.
  • In case of a fault, GEM Energy is alerted via email and we will diagnose and fix it.
  • Quarterly and annual performance reports.

Client Access Account

  • Monitoring of the PV power plant with live data collected over ten-minute intervals.
  • Access to archive data.

Annual system inspection and basic maintenance

  • Measure string voltage and current at the inverter input.
  • Health Check and firmware update on inverters.
  • Inspect cables and switchgear.
  • Hotspot check with thermal imaging.
  • Module cleaning if necessary.
  • Spare parts if necessary (only includes parts under warranty).

Our consultants can help with your case.

Our Energy Management Services

We can provide a host of options to reduce your bills by offering Energy Auditing, Monitoring and Energy Recovery Services, Peak Demand Management / Peak Shaving, Voltage Optimization, and Power Quality Management.

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Specifically developed for the monitoring

of solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants.

What our customers say about us

We are mechanical engineers and were very fussy about the installation. GEM Energy’s team proved to be very professional and the workmanship excellent.
Laureen Kirwan

Director, Down Under Property Investments

We have found the GEM Energy team to be very reliable and the work of a high standard.
Cameron Dean

Gin Gin & Dry

…it wasn’t until we met with GEM Energy Australia that we were confident we were dealing with a compay that had the expertise to get the job done.
Phil Sellwood

CEO, Bundaberg YMCA