Lord Deben says Climate Change Will Not Wait for Australia

John Gummer, Lord Deben, the chairman of the United Kingdom’s Committee on Climate Change, has cautioned that Australia now appears like it is outside of the international community on climate change.

“Everyone else is willing to help but for goodness sake, you’ve already done less than other people,” he told ABC’s The Drum.

“You didn’t take on anything like the burden of other advanced countries, so don’t pretend you’re doing better. You’re not, and everyone else outside knows that.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently told ABC Radio that Australia’s 26-28 per cent reduction from emission levels in 2005 is comparable to similarly situated countries.

But Lord Deben has rubbished the wrangle that Aussie is performing better in its reductions on a per capita basis.

“Britain has the fastest growing population in Europe … but what we have said is whatever the population is, whatever the problem is, we have got to do our part.”

He rubbished arguments that Aussie is an exceptional issue as its economy is dependent on the export of carbon emission-induced products.

“All right, sitting there saying that you’re a special case, the fact of the matter is climate change doesn’t do special cases.””Climate change isn’t going to wait for Australia.”

Lord Deben states proposals emanating from South Africa are well-structured than those being submitted by Australia.

“Australia’s promising something much less than the US, wildly less than any European country, less than Mexico, less than Brazil, less than China.”

“Australia’s going to go to the Paris talks with one of the least ambitious targets.”

Deben, who consistently summoned Australia’s government on climate change under Tony Abbott’s leadership, says a return to the harmonious level should be feasible with the change at the top of the Coalition.

“Conservatives around the world are of course very much in the lead of battling against climate change.””I think that the world would be extremely pleased if Australia showed that it was thinking seriously about trying to bring the parties together, to find a common view.”

Lord Deben indicated that Australia could make very sustainable utilization of energy and go after opportunities in solar and wind energy.

Deben also suggested that the Turnbull Government re-establish a liberated climate change advisory board, chaired by Professor Tim Flannery.

“The extremes of weather, which you are experiencing here in Australia, are going to get worse and worse.””The science is now absolute. Nobody really in the world disagrees with the fact that climate change is happening and human beings are causing it.””If we don’t work together to do something about it, then frankly we are going to find ourselves in a really serious position.”

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