So far 1.4 million homes in Australia have installed on their roofs, making Australia the current world’s leader on household rooftop– a reality that is acknowledged in a new report by the Energy Supply Association of Australia.

The report, with a title Renewable Energy in Australia – How do we really compare?, indicates that while Australia is adjudged 6th in the world for overall solar per capita, it is No.1 when we talk of rooftop solar.

solar countires per capita

And the ESSA fact sheet has a lot of nice graphics to prove this success.

solar PV systems
“More than one in seven households now have solar PV systems mounted on their roofs, which is a 15 per cent penetration rate,” the report states.

And it indicates that South Australia and Queensland have taken the lead, with an average of 25% and 24% of homes with rooftop solar, as well as other areas in Adelaide and Brisbane – like Virginia and Chandler – boasting more than 50% residential solar integration.

solar generation

“We have double the penetration rates of the next best country, Belgium, and more than three times the level in Germany, which is considered a leader in solar generation,” ESAA chief Matthew Warren states.

The report also indicates that South Australia and Tasmania have some of the largest per capita wind generation across the globe, together with leading US states like Iowa and Texas.

renewable generation

The message from this evaluation as argued by Warren, shows that Australia “has not been a laggard” on renewable generation.

“This analysis clearly (shows) that we are have made progress in terms of sourcing energy from wind and solar and this can be expected to continue,” he says.