Australia Zoo’s Remarkable

Solar Energy System

Video by @Blackbox

“I want the cleanest water, the freshest air and wildlife in abundance… But most of all, I want a future for our children.” – Steve Irwin

About Solar Energy for Australia Zoo

In celebration of UN World Environment Day, today we can show off one of our most challenging and rewarding installations to date. In collaboration with the amazing staff at Australia Zoo, we designed and installed this incredible 638kW system on the Crocoseum, right where the Wildlife Warrior Show is held daily!

To compliment the Australia Zoo’s remarkable wildlife conservation, this system will produce clean solar energy that will power the Zoo for years to come as well and greatly contribute towards the global movement towards renewable energy.

Following meticulous research and vetting of many Australian commercial solar companies, Australia Zoo chose the team at GEM Energy to undertake this momentous project.


UN International Environment Day

World Environment Day is a great campaign that is promoted internationally by the United Nations. Their aim is to educate everyone on the importance of our sustaining our planet and this year, the theme is air pollution, a critical environmental concern.

As more and more people are becoming aware, air pollution is caused by emissions from businesses, agriculture, homes, transport and waste. All over the world, leading scientists are noting the detrimental effect on our climate as well as our health, with the World Health Organisation reporting in 2016, seven million deaths worldwide could be attributed to air pollution.

“Here at Australia Zoo, we’ve installed a 638kW solar panel system, made up of more than 1800 panels and that’s expected to reduce our emissions by 16,500 tonnes over 25 years.”


National Action

Due to the diligent efforts and influence of climate aware policy makers such as Wayne Swan, who implemented the Clean Energy Finance Company (CEFC) and has championed renewable energy policy for many years, this project was allowed such a remarkable renewable energy project such this to actualise.


How You Can Help

In Australia we are lucky enough to live on one of the cleanest and most beautiful natural places on earth, but to sustain this takes individual action. Though it can be hard to visualise the effects of inaction until it’s too late, each of us can support renewable energy champions and Wildlife Warriors alike in their journey to protect planet earth by planting native trees, minimising motor vehicle use, turning off lights and appliances when not in use and always choosing energy efficient options. Rug up or open windows instead of using cooling or heating and if you can, install solar panels.


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