Hybrid Solar And Wind Power

The Construction of a $140 million hybrid wind and solar power station in Northern Queensland is anticipated to start next year June.

This is a mutual collaboration between Canberra-based Windlab Ltd, and a Japanese development firm Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation on the creation of a 1.2 GW hybrid solar and wind power facility in Queensland, Australia.

The first phase of the construction will cost $102 million and will consist of an initial 6-wind turbine and 64,000 solar panels installed across an 80 hectare area in North Queensland.

The area meant for the project, Kennedy Energy Park was chosen thanks to its prime conditions, which could boast of high rates of solar irradiance and a top-class wind energy profile, stated Windlab CEO Roger Price.

“In combination, these natural resources can provide a net capacity factor approaching 70%, better than ‘baseload’ coal utilization in Queensland,” Price included. “This particular site has been carefully mapped and we know it is predominantly windy through the afternoon and into the evening, and obviously experiences sunshine during daylight hours. This resource profile ensures almost constant energy production.”

The first phase of the project will generate approximately 50 employments to the indigenes, and upon completion reach the electricity demand of 25,000 local homes. The completion of phasetwo will match the 1.2 GW to North Queensland’s current energy demand profile “more than 80% of the time”.

Flinders Shire Mayor, Greg Jones, had given the go ahead for the commencement of the project

“The Council is very supportive of renewable energy initiatives and we are keen to continue to work with Windlab and Eurus to see this project built in the Shire of Flinders.” Mayor Jones said.