Bargara Cane Farm - Case Study

Solar Irrigation replaces expensive grid power

Bargara Cane Farm

Solar PV replaces expensive grid power

  • 80ha family-owned and operated cane farm at Bargara, east of Bundaberg

  • The farm required a total off-grid solution that reduced the running costs of the travelling winch irrigator system.

  • The family had been approached by 34 other solar companies, however only GEM Energy was able to provide a solution that met all criteria at a reasonable price.

  • GEM Energy custom-designed a high-pressure irrigation system. To ensure that the irrigation system works properly, with minimal weight losses, evaporation and pooling, a balance between water pressure and flow rate must be met by the pumps.

The Solution

  • 55 kWp ground mounted solar array, comprised of 208 x Q CELLS Q.PRO G4.1 265Wp panels.
  • Replacement of the single high-pressure 37 kW winch pump with two smaller pumps (15 kW and 17 kW) responsible for independently controlling water pressure and flow rate.
  • Installation of a specially designed variable speed drive which coordinates the pumps, ensuring that they only function under the correct conditions.
  • The full system is designed to allow up to six hours of full operation per day; more if a lower water pressure is used.

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