Farm deal with Infigen Energy

Blayney Shire located in the central-west of New South Wales hit a contract agreement worth over $2-million to balance any effect of the proposed wind-farm.

Infigen Energy is willing to construct approximately 43 wind turbines plus substations at Flyers Creek.

The company is willing to settles the Blayney council several millions of dollars to secure the life of the wind farm, which could help maintain the road as well as contribute towards community activities.

Blayney Shire Mayor Scott Ferguson stated that this move is going to help boost the Shire economy.

“This money will be extremely useful and is very much appreciated by not only the council but also the community,” Mayor Ferguson said.

“It’s an opportunity for money coming in to actually go into the ongoing maintenance of especially the road network around there and the financial assistance grants to support community projects again will be very much appreciated.”

This will generate about $100, 000 yearly for the Blayney Shire Council.

Mayor Ferguson stated that the council is content with the deal.

“Council is fairly comfortable with the amount.

“It’s sort of an industry standard. “ He said.

“It is a Voluntary Planning Agreement so it sort of had to be fair to both parties.”

“Certainly there were some people win the community who thought it wasn’t enough but it is a fairly standard arrangement and standard amount for this size project.”


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