Californias Legislation To Achieve 50 Renewable Energy Target By 2030 Has Been Official Signed And Approved By The Government

California’s Governor, Edmund G. Brown Jr., has official signed and approved a legislation urging and promising the state to producing half of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030.

The bill, SB 350, is based on California’s current 33% renewable energy portfolio level, which was officially signed and approved by Governor Brown in 2011.

“California has taken ground-breaking steps to increase the efficiency of our cars, buildings and appliances and provide ever more renewable energy,” stated Governor Brown. “With SB 350, we deepen our commitment.”

Currently dubbed the ‘Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015’, the law also urges to duplicate the energy efficiency savings in electrical power and natural gas final consumption of retail consumers via energy efficiency and conservation.

The Governor had also planned to execute legislation to administer a 50 percent cut in fossil fuel utilization by 2030, but according to report the Governor was defeated by oil ventures.

“What has been the source of our prosperity now becomes the source of our ultimate destruction, if we don’t get off it. And that is so difficult,” Mr. Brown stated

Yet, Governor Brown sees the approval as a greater and the best step towards the future. His move with those of Senator Kevin De Leon has been commended by several institutions.

“PSR-LA is committed to continuing to work with the Governor, the Legislature, and the California Air Resources Board to make sure SB 350 is fully implemented,” stated Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles (PSR-LA) Executive Director Martha Dina Argüello.

“By increasing renewable energy production and energy efficiency in buildings we can reduce the terrible health burdens caused by our use of dirty energy and fuels.”

The legislation is good news for the California’s solar industry as well the entire US. Australians are also wishing and waiting to hear such good news soon.

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