Electricity from Renewable Energy
The Australian Capital Territory has officially pledged to a 90% renewable energy target by 2020 ad 100% by 2025 and has supported a variety of commercial-scale wind and solar projects within the local and international level.

While Canberra is aiming at the above-mentioned targets, the City of Sydney is committed to a 100 percent RET by 2030, South Australia is also committed to 50 percent by 2025 and Queensland is committed to achieving 50 percent RET by 2030.

“We can do this. We have shown it’s possible – now we have one small step left,” Labor Party Chief Minister Andrew Barrstated.

“Canberra can and should be a beacon for everyone who realises the world must act decisively now to stave off a future of catastrophic climate change.”

Environment Minister Simon Corbell stated a transition to 100% target would put Canberra on top both nationwide and overseas.

“It means more jobs and more investment in the ACT economy, it means a complete de carbonisation of our electricity supply sector which will see further reductions in our city’s greenhouse gas emissions,” Mr Corbell stated.

“Most importantly it will see growth in the low-carbon economy, which means jobs and investment in our city, in our universities and in our research sectors.”

“This is about seizing economic opportunity and recognising the enormous global market in renewables and wanting to attract some of that investment and some of that jobs growth to our city.”

He later stated the Australian Capital Territory had already made arrangement of attaining 90% RET by 2020.

“Through the large-scale solar and wind auctions we will achieve 60 per cent renewable energy target by the year 2017 and 80 per cent by the year 2018.” Mr. Corbell said.

But Opposition Leader Jeremy Hanson of the Liberal Party stated that the Abbott Government is in support of renewable energy but thinks it will cause power bills to soar.

“Well we’re very supportive of renewable energy but the problem is if you go to 100 per cent the cost of that is enormous, what we’re going to see is power bills going up through the roof across Canberra,” Mr. Hanson said.

“So already we’ve seen rates tripling and what Andrew Barr is now going to do is to make everybody’s power bill unaffordable.”
Mr Hanson said the Canberra Liberals were still formulating their policy on a renewable energy target.

Mr Hanson said the Canberra Liberals still have plans to put together strategy for the renewable energy target.

“We took a 30 per cent carbon emission reduction target to the last election so that remains our policy at this stage. We’re obviously re-examining that in the lead up to the next election,” Mr. Hanson said.

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