Bundaberg Christian College – Case Study

Bundaberg Christian College – Case Study

Solar PV Installation & LED Lighting Upgrade

  • 193.98kWp of solar PV and 252kWh usable energy storage

  • Replacement of 1,500 fluro lights with LEDs

  • Reduced power usage by up to 80%

  • Savings of AUD$100,000 per year on electricity

  • Cash flow positive from the first quarter

  • Payback period of seven years

  • Over 400% return on investment before batteries need replacing

  • Generation of about AUD$20,000 in Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) per year

  • Savings over the life of the system around AUD$2,500,000

GEM Team

The container housing the solar inverters and batteries

A School Goes Hybrid

The Bundaberg Christian College (BCC) solar installation is the largest hybrid system of its kind in Australia. It supplies the school with electricity during the day while the battery storage comes into play during peak demand hours, shoulder hours and the evening. The combination of solar with with a switch to 1,500 LED lights as well as a range of other energy efficiency measures resulted in an immediate halving of electricity consumption. That meant a direct cost reduction for the project because less solar needed to be installed.

Local network requirements meant that GEM’s Engineering team had to custom-engineer a site master controller for smooth charging and discharging. To get the state-of-the-art system running at maximum efficiency we have kept monitoring the site to make improvements. The school is keen to go completely off-grid within the next few years and we are working towards that together. BCC really positions itself as a prime learning ground for sustainability, economics and engineering.

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