Making the Most of Solar Energy While Still Using Grid Power

Making the Most of Solar Energy While Still Using Grid Power

Many solar panels set up on grass with power station and pylons in the background

The initial cost of installing solar panels may seem high, but if you use your solar power wisely and store the excess in batteries, your investment will pay for itself in just a few years.
Until you can be completely self-sufficient with your solar power, it’s a good idea to remain connected to the main grid in case you do run out of solar powered energy. Here are some of the best ways to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Using Power When It’s Generated

It makes sense to take stock of when you use the most electricity and the appliances you’re running at the time. If you can, run any of the less energy efficient during the day. You’ll be using solar power as it’s generated and won’t need to store it in batteries for later. You might need to change your routine to use most of your electricity during daylight hours, but you’ll see the difference in your utility bills, and you’ll be using your solar investment wisely.

Things like washing machines, dishwashers, and anything that needs charging, can all run while the sun shines, and you can schedule showers in the mornings, or late afternoon instead of night. The same applies to commercial premises using solar power. If you can get by using the bulk of your energy during the day, you’ll save the most on power bills and recoup the cost of solar energy system installation.

Take Advantage of Off-Peak Energy Tariffs

If you find that you must use electricity from the main grid, consider using it at off-peak times, usually after 10pm, to reduce the charges on your utility bills. Most people’s hot water service is set to heat on off-peak, and if you don’t have solar hot water, it makes good sense. Since hot water is a major contributor to utility bills for residential and commercial uses, installing solar hot water and heat pump systems is a financially sound idea. This especially benefits places such as hotels, motels and restaurants.

Install an Appropriate Sized Solar Energy System

If you’re continually running out of solar power, even with battery storage, you need to review the size of your current system and consider installing more capacity. Your solar energy system supplier should have worked out your average energy usage and advised on the best system for you, but if you’ve since increased your energy usage it’s easy enough to add more panels or a bigger inverter. Try to have your original installer do the upgrade if your system is still under warranty.

Consider Battery Storage

If you don’t already have battery storage for your excess solar energy, it’s the best way to reduce your dependence on the main grid and use your own stored solar power when the sun isn’t shining. Recent technology has made battery storage more efficient, cheaper, smaller, and maintenance-free.

Choose the Best Solar Energy Company

Changing to solar power is a big decision and investment, but it’s one that can be life-changing, especially if you plan to eventually become self-sufficient and go off-grid. Gem Energy can help you with everything you need to make the switch and save big on utility bills. Call us on1300 969 471, or enquire online.