Giant Solar Power Plant

China’s huge solar power plant is in the pipeline. The solar power plant will be constructed in the Gobi desert, and it is intended to produce enough electricity to power million households. The proposed solar-power facility which is supposed to generate 200 MW of solar power will measure 10 square-miles.

When this project is finally implemented, the Chinese government will achieve its goal of slashing fossil fuel by 20% by 2030 as well as reducing the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. Construction of this facility started 6 years ago on the China’s first huge-solar power plant, regarding the information from National Geographic, and it is getting bigger by year.

China is rapidly emerging as the global leader in solar electricity.Based on the statistics from International Energy Agency, China generates two-third of their power from solar energy with huge solar capacity compared to other countries worldwide. According to a report from the UN Environment programme, in 2014 China pumped $83.3 billion into renewable energy, unlike other countries in the world like the USA- being the second largest investors in clean energy.

Jennifer Morgan, director of the climate program at the World Resources Institute told National Geographic: “China is largely motivated by its strong national interests to tackle persistent air pollution problems, limit climate impacts and expand its renewable energy job force.”

In addition, she stated that even though China emits more greenhouse gas than any other country, if the project is finally executed, the country will achieve its goal of cutting carbon dioxide emissions.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang stated: “China’s carbon dioxide emission will peak by around 2030 and China will work hard to achieve the target at an even earlier date,” according to Reuters.

It is predicted that by 2040, based on the initiative taken by China, solar power could account for one-third of new electricity.

Tereza P., August 4, 2015. China builds massive solar plant in Gobi:


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