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Poor Workmanship

Unfortunately many in the industry cut corners to save on time and costs. The results can be horrendous. Poor workmanship can create significant risks to the property and the business.

Included in our inspection is a full compliance report. Anything wrong, you can take back to the installation company to rectify or pursue legal action.



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Common Issues We Find

Non-conformities put the system at risk of failure leading to damage to the site.

If an insurer isn’t notified of the addition of solar and a claim is made against damage caused by the installation, this may not be covered

Your solar system is an asset and it is important that it has been installed to a standard that will ensure it lasts its ROI lifespan.

Many factors can lead to an underperforming or unsafe system. For example, Inverters in direct sunlight reduce performance, degrading lifespan and also void warranty.


Our Specialties

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What we cover:

performance monitoring

Safety compliance

electrical Compliance

documentation and project management check

Engineering checks – structural and construction drawings

The Service

What’s included

Included in our report is all you need to feel peace of mind and ensure that your asset is protected.

System Inspection

We conduct a comprehensive inspection of your solar energy system.


We compile a report, which details the results of our inspection.


Following our report, we provide unbiased recommendations.


We assist in resolving any infractions and how to bring the system up to standards.

From Our principal electrician

Our Mission

“Unfortunately, far too often I see poor installation practices putting businesses at risk. With a bit of care and attention to detail this can be resolved and the asset will be protected”

– Chris Hackett,

Principal Electrician, GEM Energy


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