Complaints Procedure

We do whatever we can to keep our customers happy and resolve problems fast.
As part of our customer satisfaction obligations, GEM Energy has a comprehensive customer complaint procedure. Our customer complaint process will include all members of GEM Energy including directors to resolve any and all issues in the quickest way possible. Upon receipt of customer issues (both written and verbal) we adhere to the following procedure in order to maintain our genuine commitment to complete customer satisfaction.
  • Record and verify concern.
  • Raise support ticket in our CRM software.
  • Assign support manager.
  • Consult customer and other relevant parties.
  • Communicate findings to customer.
  • Implement required solution.
  • Analyze findings and report results to customer.
  • Follow-up call placed at 30 days after support ticket closed.
  • Maintain exceptional communication with customer at all times.
The length of time before the problem is addressed can depend on the nature of the issue and the time frames of relevant third parties, as outlined below.  
Low Time High Time Average Time
High Grid Voltage 1 Week 4 Weeks 3 Weeks
High Power Bills 1 Day 7 Days 2 Days
Inverter Failure 1Day 21 Days 14 Days
Other 1 Day Various Various
A customer may lodge a complaint by:  

What our customers say about us

Solar installers are a dime a dozen these days, but proper energy engineering contractors like yourselves are few and far between.
Toby Murdoch

Electrical Engineer, Ashburner Francis Consulting Engineers

I would recommend GEM Energy to anyone looking for a Solar PV provider.
Cameron Dean

Gin Gin & Dry

The work was completed in conjunction with our business needs and everyone from GEM Energy involved with the installation was professional, competent and courteous to the YMCA staff and our patrons.

Phil Sellwood

CEO, Bundaberg YMCA