Alternative Energy

The 20MWProject, which consists of Six Wind Turbines, will provide Abundant Electricity for about 12,000 Canberra Households.

Construction activities on a $50 million wind farm are underway in Victoria that will provide renewable energy to Australian Capital Territory.  The Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm has won a 20-year feed-in-tariff in Australian Capital Territory Governments tender.

Minister of Environment, Simon Corbell stated that the six wind turbines at the wind farm will be able to produce less expensive wind power in the country.

“The price being paid through the feed-in tariff law for the Coonooer Bridge wind farm is $81.50 per megawatt hour, that’s the cheapest price ever achieved for wind energy in Australia,”Mr. Corbell stated.”It means that Canberra electricity consumers are getting large-scale renewables at a very affordable price.

“And we have been able to achieve that because of our innovative reverse auction feed-in tariff law and the fact that we have selected some of the most productive wind sites in the country.”

The project is cooperatively managed by Canberra-based Company – Windlab Systems and neighboring landholders.

The agreement is worth an amount of $68 million annually to the three companies and will cost Canberra households an average $93 extra a year on their power bills at the peak in 2020.

Mr Corbell indicated that the project will produce enough electric power to supply thousands of households in Canberra.

“With the start of the Coonooer Bridge wind farm we’re well on the way towards 90 per cent renewables,” Mr. Corbellstated.”About 12,000 Canberrans will be powered by this one single project.”

Another two ACT-supported wind farms development are in the pipeline.



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