Solar Power Station

SunEdison, Inc has made public it has ended funding and started construction on a 1 MW solar power station at Karratha Airport- Western Austrailia’s busiest and biggest airport solar power plant.

The facility, which will characterize ‘Cloud Predictive Technology (CPT)’, is anticipated to produce about 1,805MWh of electricity annually – which is sufficient to power over 300 house holds in Australia.

The solar power station will avoid carbon emission if 1,200 tonnes yearly; which is equivalent to removing 260 cars from the road.

Karratha Airport will buy the solar generated power via a 21-year power purchase agreement.

“With this solar power plant, Karratha Airport officials expect to save millions of dollars on the airport’s energy costs over the life of the power purchase agreement,” stated Jeremy Rich, SunEdison Australia’s Managing Director.
“Karratha Airport is a great example of how organizations and home owners in communities across Australia can save on their electricity costs and help the environment by using solar.”

The solar power facility is funded partly by an AUD $ 2.3 million fund from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). The project received funding because it has the same objectives as ARENA’s; which aims at cutting cost and enhancing uptake of renewable energy in Australia.

The use of Cloud Predictive Technology (CPT) will give solutions to questions pertaining how the system can make solar production less expensive.
“It will be the first time cloud predictive technology has been used on a solar PV installation of this size connected to a network,” said ARENA CEO Ivor Frischknecht.

“Because clouds can lead to a sudden drop in solar output, commercial solar power generation on a smaller network usually has costly storage requirements to ‘smooth out’ supply into the grid. Employing CPT reduces the need for this buffer, meaning solar generation can be installed and operated more cheaply.”

Construction is expected to complete in the second quarter of 2016. Existing operation and maintenance of the plant will be carried out by SunEdison Services.

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