Crackdown on Poisonous Emissions From A Surprising Assailant

Here at GEM Energy, we’re lucky enough to have an amazing team of innovative and passionate renewable energy pioneers. One of our Senior Consultants, Gary Fooks, is Chairman of the Blue Sky Alliance and has consistently proved his expertise and dedication to the renewable energy movement. Gary was recently interviewed by the ABC on the subject of emissions – so we thought we’d share the content of that interview here. Enjoy!

Unbeknownst to most people, gardening equipment, outboard motors and generators are capable of producing 40 times the emissions of a car. These pieces of equipment alone are a major contributor to air pollution, which, based on figures from The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, results in around 3,000 premature deaths in Australia each year. As it stands, emissions from these engines are not regulated in Australia, leaving our beautiful country to serve as a dumping ground for less efficient products that cannot be sold in other countries. Having played a part in uncovering this information, there was no way that Gary could let this continue and would go on dedicate more than a decade of his life’s work towards regulating these products.

As a result of Gary’s work, companies will be banned from importing high-emission lawn mowers, mulchers, leaf blowers, generators, chainsaws, outboard boat motors and other hand-held equipment that doesn’t comply with new standards, saving taxpayers a massive $1.7 billion in health costs over 20 years from the reduction in air pollution. Coupled with the record rooftop solar installations we’ve seen in the past year, with almost 19,000 rooftop solar PV systems installed, these initiatives will mean Australian air will be the cleanest it has been in a century.

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In addition to his role with the Blue Sky Alliance, Gary has joined our team this year to continue his work in the renewable energy sector. Since coming on board, Gary has consulted on and commissioned hundreds of kilowatts for his commercial clients.

There are many ways to contribute to the green energy movement and reduce emissions, from ensuring you replace your old lawn mower with one that meets the new emissions standards, through to reducing your daily energy consumption by installing a solar energy system for your home or business, the benefits of which are felt not only by the individuals saving thousands on their energy bills yearly, but by all who breathe our air.

GEM Energy is dedicated to producing the best solar energy solutions on the market and consistently produces award winning results.

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