Discover Energy

Say goodbye to high energy bills and hello to smart energy income.

Join Discover Energy through GEM Energy to get a 30c solar feed-in-tariff on your first 300kWh per quarter.

+ Enrol your battery in their VPP to generate further savings from your system.

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Please note Discover Energy is only available for those on the Energex network. We hope for it to be available for Ergon. If you are in the Ergon region, still inquire and we will be in contact when this is made available. 


With Your Solar And Battery, Join The Discover Energy Virtual Power Plant And Receive:


VPP Smart Energy Income

Premium solar feed-in rate (30c/kWh Feed-In Tariff*) plus profit sharing on trades managed by the Discover Energy Trading Platform the energy stored by your solar system. Get quicker ROI on solar and storage!

Battery Recharges

When the electricity spot price is negative, we recharged your battery – at no cost to you.**

Real Income

Virtual Power Plant Members can cash out their energy trading profits.

Free Access to Discover Energy App

Monitor your home’s system and solar energy production. Integrate with virtual assistants including Amazon Echo and Google.

24/7 Online Account Management

Manage your account, check your usage online 24/7 using DE Insight App.  

No Exit Fee or Lock in Contract

Enjoy 12 months of benefits with no lock-in contracts.

* 30c solar feed-in for first 3.28kwh exported per day, 18c solar feed-in for next 3.28kwh exported per day, 9c for all remaining exports per day.
**Intermittent service, triggered during certain market conditions

Mission & Vision

What is a VPP?

A VPP is a de-centralised network of solar energy and battery backup systems, which deliver excess energy back into the grid to provide power for other locations.

A singular home’s solar system can only supply a limited amount to the grid. But as part of a VPP, the collective excess power can meet a significant amount of electrical demand, leading to greater efficiencies and a higher proportion of renewable energy to the grid.

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Solar & Battery

• Blackout protection
• Low, flat solar feed-in-tariffs
• No energy trading – unused battery energy potential not optimised


• Blackout protection
• Premium solar feed in tariff rates
• Electricity buying – free battery recharges for households
• Energy Trading – unused battery energy sold at exceptional prices – for exceptional profit
• Range of other profit-making applications such as Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS), Demand Response, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Online Moitoring

Discover Energy App

Make payments, check your energy usage, monitor your solar system and energy trading platform all in one convenient app.

  • Stay up to date with energy usage and charges
  • Monitoring your energy usage and the status of your battery
  • Download all your Discovery Energy bills in one place
  • Multiple channels for quick payments

The Discover Energy App can also be linked with smart home devices including Amazon, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Customer Experience

Case Studies

Customer One

The following customer joined Discover Energy March of 2020 and has earned just over $1,300 using smart and manual training.

GEM Energy Solar Renewable VPPD

Customer Two

The following customer joined Discover Energy January of 2020 and has earned just under $600 through manual trading of energy.

GEM Energy Solar Renewable VPPD

Customer Two 

The following customer joined Discover Energy in March of 2020 and has earned $129 in credit.

The 3 key pieces of in-house software

making Discover Energy VPP one of the best in the market


Software to analyse a household’s usage pattern and forecast demand.

Software that optimises a household’s rooftop solar generation and battery

Software that forecasts wholesale energy prices with superior accuracy

Make the most of your Battery With Discover Energy

A 30c Solar Feed-In Tariff on your first 300kWh per quarter.

+ Enrol your battery to earn further VPP revenue.