Absolyte Batteries

Generating electricity from the sun is a cost effective alternative to electricity generated from fossil fuels. However, what about when the sun goes down at the end of each day? Can you still generate electricity, or do you have to rely on power from the main grid?

Without solar batteries to store excess power generated during the day, the excess is usually fed back into the main electricity grid. By doing this, you receive a credit on your next power bill from your power company. However, this credit most often paid to you at a far lower rate than the saving you could have made if you’d used the energy yourself. So wouldn’t it be better to cut out the main grid altogether and store your solar power for use at night or cloudy days?

Storing Excess Solar Power for Later Use

Many people aren’t home when most of their solar power is generated – during the day. They come home at the end of a long day at work, and that’s when electricity usage increases. By storing all that solar power in batteries, you’re able to take advantage of all the free electricity your solar panels generate. Once the sun goes down and solar energy production stops, your home will switch to using the power stored in the batteries, making your solar energy system much more efficient and cost-effective.

The Best Reason to Use Battery Storage

When your solar energy system generates more power than you use, it feeds back into the main grid, and you’re paid for it in the form of a credit on your power bill. At night, you’ll need to use power from the main grid, but you’ll pay much more for it than what you were paid for your excess solar power. This means you’re buying back your own energy at inflated prices. A much better way is to store your own solar power in batteries and use it at night.

Reduce Your Dependence on the Grid

If you have a solar energy system installed, it makes no sense to have your excess solar energy fed back into the grid. After all, you switched to solar power to save money. By using batteries to store your excess power, you can drastically reduce your power bills and become almost independent from the main grid, which, let’s face it, can be overpriced and unreliable.

What Size Battery Do You Need?

When considering battery storage for your solar power, you need to speak to an expert who can work out the best size for your needs. It’s not a case of buying the biggest battery; the best battery for you is one that stores just enough solar power without overflow. Both residential and commercial solar energy systems can benefit from battery storage, with commercial batteries needing to be much bigger for increased energy storage.

Expert Advice from the Solar Energy Professionals

No matter what your energy needs are, battery storage is becoming the most efficient way to take advantage of free energy from the sun. Talk to GEM Energy about all your solar power needs. Call 1300 969 471 or contact us online.

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