Renewable Energy Will Be 'Key Part' of Federal Government's Energy Policy

The newly appointed Minister for Resources, Energy and Northern Australia Josh Frydenberg has indicated that renewable energy (wind energy and solar energy) will be an important portion of the Federal Government policy.

The renewable energy sector, which lost 88 % of funding within the past year, due to the unpredictability over the Renewable Energy Target under Tony Abbott’s leadership, has got assurance from the newly elected Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his team that the Federal Government’s anti-renewable energy attitude will change. This will further create more jobs in the industry.

Meanwhile Mr Turnbull has stated that he will retain the Government’s recent climate change policies.

“The climate policy is one that I think has been very well designed that was a very, very good piece of work,” he said after he took the leadership last week.

But today, Mr Frydenberg told 774 ABC Melbourne that “clearly renewable energy is a key part of our energy platform”.

“I think wind farms, I think solar, I think they all have a role to play,” he said.

Mr Frydenberg was questioned by host Jon Faine if labelling renewable energy as a “key platform” signified a u-turn for the Federal Government.

“Don’t play it up to be bigger than it is Jon, what I’m saying is that we as a Coalition Government have entered into a bipartisan agreement with the Labor Party, on a 23.5 per cent renewable energy target by 2020, this will see a doubling of large scale renewable energy,” Mr. Frydenberg said.

“I’m saying that we have a commitment to renewable energy, that existed under the Abbott government and will exist under the Turnbull Government, and my good friend and colleague Greg Hunt will be driving that agenda in many respects.

“When you talk about coal, that’s a very important part of our energy mix, both here at home as well as overseas and will continue to be because it creates thousands of jobs and is an important source of electricity for much of the developing world.

“I don’t see these issues as mutually exclusive.”

Policy Manager for the Clean Energy Council Darren Gladman stated that Mr Frydenberg’s remarks were “extremely encouraging” for the renewable energy sector.

“It is no secret that the last couple of years were both challenging and frustrating for the renewable energy industry under former Prime Minister Tony Abbott,” he said in a statement.

“The renewable energy industry is looking forward to working with Minister Frydenberg, as well as continuing to build on our relationship with Environment Minister Greg Hunt, who clearly recognises the potential of technologies like solar, wind, bio-energy and energy efficiency to create a strong platform for Australia’s future prosperity.

It is not clear if strategies to introduce “a wind farm commissioner to deal with complaints about the renewable energy turbines” will be implemented under the current leadership.

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