electricity from renewables

On Sunday monday, approximately 80 percent of German electricity demand was derived from renewable energy (PV and wind energy). The availability of enormous sunlight and wind made it happen.

Based on the analysis by the German forum, dubbed, “Together against interim storage, and for responsible energy politics” the PV power stations were able to generate over 24 gigawatts solar power on Sunday noon.

Wind power also added over 18 gigawatts to the solar power. It was found out that the electricity consumption in Germany, during that period was approximately 55 gigawatts as stated by “Agorameter” which compiles electricity data in Germany.

This demand is found to be a bit low, especially during summer and warm weather, when most commercial companies are closed. But this proves how renewable energy is approaching 100 percent of the electricity demand in the country.

“Obviously we will not be able to reach the 100% renewable energy mark for 2015 anymore. But in spring and summer 2016, with the addition of new wind power generators, and an unfortunately small number of PV plant additions, the 100% goal is reachable. Historical! If we accelerate the PV plant development once again and keep up the wind power plant development, this can happen quickly,” the forum further indicated.



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