Goldwind Wind Farm

A new 175-megawatt wind farm that will be constructed in November in northern New South Wales was recently made public by the biggest Chinese Wind turbine manufacturer, Goldwind, making it the second in as many weeks, after the Ararat wind farm. This is adjudged the first biggest wind farm project to be built in northern Sydney.

that it has concluded a deal with Transgrid with regard to the 70- turbine wind farm situated between Inverell and Glenn Innes in the center of the constituency of Barnaby Joyce, the Minister of Agriculture.

Just recently, a consortium with General Electric as leader brought to light about the deal regarding the 240MW Ararat wind farm, which is said to commence in the next few months.

There is no doubt that the projects are huge, since both General Electrics and Goldwind are prime manufacturers of wind turbines with a very huge capital to be able to finance the projects without any power purchase deals (PPA).

Even though Goldwind has no PPA or any external funding at the moment, they have plans to dig into that when the project commences. Goldwind use the same strategy in the successful execution of Gullen Range and Mortons Lane wind farms.

Joh Titchen, Managing Director of Goldwin Australia happily indicated that establishment of the recent RET by the Federal Government has made this initiative possible.

“The removal of the 2 yearly review and the return to bipartisan RET support is welcome” Mr. John Titchen stated. “White Rock Wind Farm is planned to be operating by mid-2017 at a time when new supply is needed due to increased demand under the renewable energy target. “

In October 2014, Gold wind purchased the White Rock wind deal from Epuron, during which the RET deal was unsure. This Wind farm is situated approximately 20km West of Glennes. Seventy (70) wind turbines out of the approved 119 wind turbines will be constructed in the first stage of the project.

Queensland owns just a mini 12-megawatt wind farm, and the White RockWind Farm is situated at the center of the Joyce’s constituency.

Joyce Barnaby once spoke ill of wind farms, expressing grief over renewable energy, and indicating they were very costly, and will not be able to take place of coal, nuclear, gas or hydro.

“Wind farms are one of those things that everybody likes as long as it’s not in their backyard”, Joyce stated.

“Goldwind is reported to use a 2.4 megawatt highly endowed technology- permanent magnet, direct drive wind turbines with a 121meters rotor diameter at the White Rock wind farm. The wind farm is to be constructed on grazing country with eight landowners hosting turbines.”


Source: Giles P. July 7, 2015.  Goldwind to build 175MW wind farm, first big project north of Sydney Accessed July 7, 2015