Grid Protection & Zero Export Solutions

We ensure both network safety and maximum return on your investment

What is Grid Protection?

Depending on your local network capacity and network provider certain limitations may apply to avoid excess energy from large solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to be fed into the grid. While these rulings can seem arbitrary, the network advice is that these limitations are imposed to protect the grid and to leave capacity for other installations. Grid protection is an issue because the increase in decentralized sources of energy like PV systems can make the often dated distribution system become less stable, resulting in fluctuations in frequency and voltage.

What are Zero Export Solutions?

Zero export equipment prevents large-scale solar systems from exporting excess power into the electricity grid. It includes ramping solutions which reduce electricity losses by smoothing the output power of your PV inverters. It is important to choose a high-quality ramping solution. GEM Energy has worked together with manufacturers to provide equipment that can keep the production of the system within 1% of the load of your site which in turn minimizes the loss due to zero export.

What does this mean for you?

Any large-scale PV system needs to be absolutely custom-fitted to your operation to ensure maximum efficiency and return on investment. With the rise in efficient and affordable battery technology there are some innovative options available to get the most out of your solar PV system and ensure that the generated electricity does not go to waste. However whether battery storage is a viable addition to a solar PV array depends on the individual circumstances of each customer.

GEM Energy will support you every step along the way.

Our electrical engineers have gathered experience in large-scale projects in Europe for many years. We manage the planning and application process to get your PV system compliant. GEM Energy also supplies the grid-protection and monitoring devices you need to get solar up and running on your company’s roof. We will do all the hard work as part of our Turn-Key Project Package.

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What our customers say about us

We are mechanical engineers and were very fussy about the installation. GEM Energy’s team proved to be very professional and the workmanship excellent.
Laureen Kirwan

Director, Down Under Property Investments

We have found the GEM Energy team to be very reliable and the work of a high standard.
Cameron Dean

Gin Gin & Dry

…it wasn’t until we met with GEM Energy Australia that we were confident we were dealing with a compay that had the expertise to get the job done.
Phil Sellwood

CEO, Bundaberg YMCA