Global Wind Power

Heliostat SA Executive Chairman Mr Spinks is confident that the move will crate more jobs in the SA. “It’s a large investment,” Mr. Spinks stated.

The collaboration between Heliostat South Australia, Adelaide Solar provider and India Solar company , Global Wind Power could increase create 1, 000 jobs in South Australia.

Heliostat which emanated from Precision Components at Beverley, has signed a contract with India’s Global Wind Power Limited to provide and improve on the solar systems in the country.

Most of the technical works will take place in India, but managers and engineers will come from Australia.

Executive Chairman of Heliostat South Australia – Darrin Spinks stated the project will continue for more than four years, indicating a growth in jobs from current 150 local to approximately 1,000 positions.

“It’s a large investment,” Mr. Spinks said.”You have to remember India itself has a make-in-India policy and that’s really about making sure that they have jobs for India.”

He stated that fabricating some of the equipment in Adelaide and then transporting them would be useless.
“The northern suburbs, particularly with the automotive industry declining, regional areas such as Port Augusta with Alinta,” Mr. Spinks stated.

“We need to build a new industry and what … everyone’s asking is “What can that new industry be?” And we believe that solar has a very large portion to play.”

Jason May, Chief Executive of Heliostat with South Australia Minister for Investment and Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith is currently in India for the necessary negotiation.
“This is the first step in the development of a one gigawatt solar projects portfolio in the solar rich regions of India — this amount of solar is enough energy to supply a city the size of Adelaide,” Mr May stated.

“This will secure long-term job prospects in both countries with a strong focus on employment in Adelaide and regional areas in South Australia.”

Heliostat SA has also signed a contract-agreement with one Indian company, Gravita, to manufacture industrial CSP thermal application for metal recycling.

South Australia is currently struggling with the greatest unemployment rate 7.9% in the country, and we are confident that this move will boost employment in the state.

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