Using an off grid solar system means that you get all the electricity to power your home or business from the sun. In rare cases, you can get some additional power from other sources such as wind. If you live in a remote area, the only viable option that you have is to use an off grid solar system.

The good thing is that technology has developed over the years; therefore, you don’t have to spend colossal amounts of money to get a high-quality system installed in your home.


Off grid solar system cost

Although the price of stand-alone systems has come down, it’s still quite costly, but they now offer excellent value for money. You can comfortably expect to have a full return on investment before you need to replace any components like batteries.

If you are currently connected to the grid an easy way of working out how much you should spend on an off grid system is by looking at your power bill. It will say how many kWh per day you are using from the grid and you should expect to pay $950-$1250 per kWh you are using. For example, if you are using 30 kWh per day and pay $950 per quarter for power you should expect to pay around $33,000 for a system that will genuinely do what you need it to do. As off grid solar is still a rather new field, a lot of companies are still finding their feet and don’t really know how to calculate system sizing correctly and nine times out of ten it will be done incorrectly.

If you can work out what your total expected kWh usage is per day by measuring your appliances and their anticipated run times you can follow the same rule of thumb as above.

You can reduce the amount you spend on a comprehensive off grid system by reducing the number of solar panels and batteries in favour of a generator. This will reduce your capital outlay, but you will have ongoing costs with fuel and maintenance of the generator.

If you can afford it going with more solar panels and batteries is a far more viable option in the long run.


Advantages of off grid solar systems

While the cost of installing an off grid solar system might seem like a lot, it is worth it as these systems come with many advantages. Since the system relies on batteries to store the power generated by the solar system, you will have electricity to use even when the panels are not working. For example, during the night.

Another advantage is that since the system is completely separate from the electrical grid, you will have power to use even when there is a widespread power outage.

Who wants to keep on paying electricity bills for the rest of his/her life? When you install an off grid solar system, you don’t have to worry about electricity bills as all your power will be provided by solar energy – which is free!

The other huge benefit is the power quality you receive through an off grid solar system. With a high-quality inverter charger like Selectronic SP PRO, we can guarantee you a pure sine wave of power and a steady voltage that is usually substantially better than the power from the grid. This means your appliances and machinery will last longer and need less maintenance.


Important points to consider before going for off grid solar power systems

Cost: This is the most important factor to consider since your budget determines the type of system you can install. We narrowed the system types down to three options:

$1,000-$1,500 option: This is the most basic option, and it’s ideal when you don’t need a lot of power. Experts recommend it if you need power for a few 12-volt lights and a 12-volt radio. The system usually consists of a 140-watt solar panel, a 12-volt sealed AGM and a 100 amp-hour battery etc.

$5,000-$20,000 option: This solar power system will give you enough power to use some of your 240-volt AC appliances. The kits for the system include a few solar panels that range from 500-3,000 watts, 12 or more AGM or Gel batteries, and a controller to regulate the charging. You cannot expect to run appliances like air-conditioners with a system like this.

$20,000 option+: This is when you start talking about serious components that are built to last. The batteries make up about 50% of the cost of going off-grid.


Best off grid solar system installation

For ideal results, you should make sure that your system is installed by a professional team of solar system installers. For it to safely and reliably provide you with the power you need for a long time, you should ensure that you install high-quality solar panels such as Q CELLS, Phono Solar or SunPower and batteries like Sonnenschein, Exide or Hitachi.


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