Solar PV Forecasts

IHS Inc. has increased its worldwide solar PV forecasts for the next two years, to 59 gigawatts and 65 gigawatts, respectively. The United States and China are on top of the table. However, in 2019,more 70 GW of solar PV installation have been predicted.
With regards to the most optimistic figures for 2015, IHS has increased its worldwide solar photovoltaic target from 57.3 GW to 59 GW, indicating a 33% rise on 2014’s installation levels, which reached 44.2 GW, as stated by the analysts.

“IHS Technology already had one of the most bullish forecasts in the industry,” Ash Sharma, senior research director for HIS, stated. “But due to accelerated and expanded deployment in the United States, as well as in China, India and other countries in Asia, our forecast has increased further.”

In 2016, it anticipated to witness more than 65 GW installed, which is 2 GW greater than initially anticipated. This will result in an overall capacity of 300 GW.

IHS Technology Solar Installation Forecast

The predictions have been increase owing to the fact tha tsolar providers are aiming at completing projects in the U.S. before the ITC deadline; as well increased installation targets in China, from 17.8 gigawatts to 23.1 gigawatts, which were made public last week.

Various activities in Australia, India and other Asian countries are also contributing to the increase targets.

IHS has come out with the most effective installation statistics for 2015. The table below indicates other analysts’ predictions for 2015:


Analyst 2015 solar PV installation prediction
Mercom Capital 57.4 GW
Bloomberg New Energy Finance 58.3 GW
GTM Research 55 GW
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