wind turbine

Senators Bob Day, Nick Xenophon, David Leyonhjelm and John Madigan. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

The Senate committee that was set up to examine the health issues of wind turbines has dissolved without any trace, along with the investigation into the source of the leaked draft findings.

Few days after the release of the draft findings, the Senate committee on wind turbines, presided over by anti-wind turbine members David Leyonhjelm, John Madigan and Bob Day, presented its statement.

The Clean Energy Council has indicated that the leak depicts that inquiry was “a biased political stitch-up by a small group of senators opposed to the cheapest forms of renewable energy”.

The secretary of the committee stated a week ago that the origin of the leak was under investigation.

When she was confronted about the progress of the investigation on Tuesday, she indicated “deliberations are private and I am not able to provide any comment”.

“With the tabling of its final report, the Select Committee on Wind Turbines has ceased to exist,” she stated.

The report by the group insisted that Prime Minister Tony Abbott should create national regulations keeping under control how wind farms are constructed and managed, and punish territories that do not adhere to that.

But the Clean Energy Council stated that the strategies, if implemented, ‘would destroy the future of renewable energy in Australia’.

The Senior Policy Advisor of the Council, Alicia Webb, described the response from the committee as “disappointing”.

“This just reinforces a perception that this exercise has been an abuse of power and privilege, and an insult to the Australian Parliament,” Alicia stated.

“This whole process has ignored science in favour of anecdote, and championed conspiracy theories over credible witnesses and analysis.”

On Monday, the council stated “the leak interfered with the committee’s proceedings and the publication of the article in The Australian seems clearly designed to place undue pressure on senior government ministers to adopt the recommendations of the report”.

The report by the Senate Committee has urged the government to set up an independent scientific panel to should look into the quality of wind farm, and put an end to any new projects should there be any health hazard associated with the wind turbines. The scientific panel would as well create “national wind farm guidelines”, which would be adopted by each territory.

The Senate committee recommended that the operators of wind farm in territories who do not abide by these noise requirements will be not issued renewable energy certificates.

The committee has also called for the amendment of the renewable energy target to be able to continue with renewable energy investment from 2014 to 2020.

These recommendations follow Tony Abbott’s Government policy to cut wind energy and residential solar investment in the country.


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