Is solar worth it

Is getting a solar system worth it?

This is the question of many of our customers lips when they first begin their investigation of solar energy as a viable alternative to using energy from the grid to power their home. Some simply don’t know enough about solar energy, but are desperate for a solution to their ever increasing cost of energy. Others, however, think that the best days of solar energy for homes are behind us. Well, here at GEM Energy, we want to help you to better understand why solar energy is a great investment and answer that question without a shadow of doubt – a solar energy system is most certainly still worth it for your home electricity needs!

Who among us can say that we enjoy the idea of paying upwards of $50,000 in electricity bills throughout our lifetime!? If I may be so bold as to hazard a guess – I would say nobody, that’s who.

And why would you – especially when you can enjoy a lifetime of free solar energy with only a few years of payback!

Nature is at its best providing renewable energy in the form of solar power. Over these last few years, more and more households have realised that investing solar energy for their home is a great way to save money! For example, with GEM Energy you can either pay cash now and start savings hundreds of dollars every quarter right away – or finance your system and pay less than what you would have for your costs of energy until the system is fully paid off. Many companies now have the option to pay for your solar energy system up front or as you use it. However, the only way to end up with a good investment in solar is to ensure your system is specified to cover your current and possible future energy use. Elsewise, if you got a system that was too small (for example), you would be paying off your system each week as well as still paying a large portion of your energy bill that keeps on growing and growing. A quality solar energy system that is properly specified to your needs can pay for itself within three to four years and end up saving you $50,000 over the life of the system. Sounds a lot better than spending $50,000, am I right?

This is the core aspect of our unique Pay As You Save method. We know that not everybody has the cash on hand to pay for a quality solar energy system right now. In answer to this, we have partnered with a number of reputable finance providers that you can access in order to install your solar energy system and start saving sooner. Your weekly repayments are most often less than your previously weekly cost of energy. So you’ll save money each week, and after just a few years, you will own the system outright and reap the benefits of an abundance of zero cost energy!

The key to getting most of the solar power is, of course, to use as much of the energy as possible directly within your home! It helps avoid purchasing energy from the grid which saves you between $0.20 and $0.30 per kilowatt. You are then also paid to send your excess energy generated by the solar system back into the grid – this is paid at varying rates (most often at about 8 to 15 cents per kWh) – but it is a huge part of what makes a solar system so worthwhile.

On another note, a solar energy system is definitely worth it as solar panel prices are more affordable than ever before. The technology has matured and it has reached a point where it is just about as well priced as it ever will be. Additionally, our systems are also aways built with battery ready capabilities. Solar battery storage is the future of solar, wherein your store any excess energy generated (as opposed to sending it back to the grid) – which can then be used at night or on overcast days. However, the technology is still quite new and has a high cost. While feed in tariffs (the rate you are paid for sending energy back to the grid) are still in effect, solar batteries will for the most part not be a viable investment for your money. However, keep your eye on this technology – as it’s time come in the not too distant future!

At GEM Energy, we offer our Pay As You Save plans starting from as little as $22 per week. A solar energy system is a great investment for your home and definitely worth it’s while. The more you delay, the more electricity you are paying for! Give us a call on 1300 969 471 or visit our Get a Quote page to get started saving on your electricity today.

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