Jack Hooper’s Insightful Visit to Hanwha Q CELLS in Korea

Jack Hooper at Hanwha Q CELLS Manufacturing in Korea

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As an award-winning company and one of the largest producers of solar panels in the world, you may have heard of or even own Hanwha Q CELLS solar panels. The company is world-renowned for their dedication to quality, a trait which GEM Energy shares and that has fostered a great partnership over the years. After all, the Q in Q CELLS stands for quality.

In October 2018, our CEO, Jack Hooper, visited the company’s new state of the art manufacturing facility in Seoul, Korea and we’ve decided to transparently share his process, feedback and the conclusions he drew post-inspection of the facility.


The History of Q CELLS

Q CELLS have long been a leader in the solar panel manufacturing industry, this year winning the Top Brand PV Seal in Australia for the third consecutive year in a row, and due to their high-quality bill of materials and best in class manufacturing facilities, Q CELLS products have continued to be some of GEM Energy’s preferred products. Historically, Q CELLS products have been renowned for their exceptional German manufacturing process, leading technological breakthroughs and proven performance in the field. When Q CELLS were acquired by the Hanwha corporation in 2012 it was announced that manufacturing would begin in Korea and China. Many expected a decline in the prestige and quality of the product, which is simply not the case.

Hanwha and Q CELLS held an event in Seoul, Korea for their top customers globally and as GEM Energy are among these companies, we had the privilege of being invited to inspect the manufacturing process and technology behind the new Q CELLS Q PEAK DUO 325w solar panel.


Our Demonstrable Dedication to Quality

GEM Energy takes quality assurance very seriously and this inspection of the facility and the new technologies behind the Q PEAK DUO demonstrates our dedication to ensuring that we supply our customers with only the best products on the market. We go further than looking at spec sheets, we visually inspect the manufacturing and R&D centres of our major partners.

In 2018, the GEM management staff conducted inspections for the Inverter manufacturing facilities of SolarEdge in Israel, Fronius in Austria and Huawei in China. We’ve also inspected Solar Panel manufacturing plants of Q CELLS in Korea, the Sumec Phono Solar facility in China and will be visiting the Canadian Solar factory in China in November 2018 to spend 2 days inspecting the solar cell manufacturing, module manufacturing and to spend time with the Canadian Solar engineers to discuss key product differences and the roadmap for future technologies.

Jack’s Visit To The New Facility

This trip provided Jack with an opportunity to inspect the new Q CELLS manufacturing site where he was able to assess the latest Q CELLS solar modules and the manufacturing process behind them. He was able to see and understand what goes into the creation of these products very closely, constantly evaluating the products to ensure they meet GEM Energy’s high standards. The state of the art technology and excellent personnel at the new facility left a great impression on Jack, thus his feedback from the visit was incredibly positive.

Jack is obviously limited to exactly what he can share with about the factory but the precision, cleanliness and efficiency of the plant has been most impressive.

Hanwha Q CELLS Module Production Plant

The Conclusion?

Jacks conclusion is that Q CELLS continue to set the benchmark for other manufacturers on delivering leading-edge technology and value for money. Our confidence in the brand has absolutely been maintained if not strengthened by the visit and we’re delighted by the fact that we can trust these panels on Aussie homes and businesses. This confidence is furthered by the fact that Hanwha is one of Korea’s biggest and financially strong companies, which confirms that they are a bankable brand that is here to support warranties in the long term.

If you have any questions about the Q CELLS solar panels or would like more information, please contact us at info@gemenergy.com.au

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