The Abbott Government has criticised Labor for failing to release modelling on its renewable energy goal. Photo: Rohan Thomson

The Opposition Labor Party has labelled Prime Minister Tony Abbot as “the most unscientific” PM in Australia’s recent history. This is based on Tony Abbott’s assertion that Labor’s RET target by 2030 would cost consumers $60 billion.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott stated on Monday that the Labor’s policy to increase renewable energy target to 50% by 2030 to be able to source half of the country’s electricity– a policy supported by the party’s national conference at the weekend – was “truly bizarre” and a “massive hit on consumers and jobs”.

“It will mean a massive bill, perhaps $60 billion or more, that will have to be carried by the consumers of Australia,” Mr Abbott stated.

ACIL Allen Chief Executive Paul Hyslop reported that if the goal put forward by Labor is achieved, viawind energy, it would require approximately “11,000 additional turbines … with capital costs for the wind turbines alone of $65 billion”.

Mr. Hyslop evaluation referred to capital costs and not consumer costs. It was also based on only wind energy. This indicates that PM Tony Abbott got this figure from the analysis made by Mr Hyslop.

The Abbott Government has since lambasted Labor for not being able to bring out figures and modelling on its RET by 2030, and is keen to know how this is going to be achieved.

Mr Abbott indicate don Monday that Opposition party’s “massive and unnecessary commitment to renewables” would cause a “massive overbuild of wind farms”.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten indicated that PM Tony Abbott “makes up numbers to scare people”.

“He has no evidence or science. In fact, he is the most unscientific PM Australia has had in a long time,” Mr Shorten said.”Anyone who expects Mr Abbott to change his spots and become someone who is going to take real action on climate change when he has spent his adult life being sceptical of it … is being overly optimistic.”

Bill Shorten indicated that solar technology was becoming less expensive as days go by and investment in battery technology signified “Australians no longer have to take the prices that electricity companies give them”.

Labor’s environment spokesman Mark Butler said Mr Abbott’s “scare campaign” was “reaching hysterical levels again”.

Clean Energy Council chief executive Kane Thornton indicated that by 2030, Australia’s energy network would be made up of series of energy technologies, which includes wind, large-scale solar, wave and bio-energy.

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