Bill Shorten

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has revealed that his goal to generate 50% of Australia’s electricity via renewable energy by 2030 is a “declaration of intent”. The target which is to be attained by Labor’s strategy which is yet to be thoroughly clarified, and is accompanied by an emissions trading scheme, together with increased consumer need for renewable energy.

The Labor leader says the change in leadership indicated Australia could now acquire a “referendum” to decide the party with best policies to switch to a less pollution economy.“Like you, I welcome the fact that the Liberal leadership no longer see wind turbines as a horrifying blight on the landscape, a creeping menace lurking on the horizon,” Shorten is yet to tell the All Energy Council in Melbourne.

“The muzzling of the far-right’s ideological attack dogs in the clean energy debate is long overdue. And it’s a gesture I’m prepared to accept in good faith.”

“I’m hopeful our parliament, our politics, can move past the basic binary argument of whether renewable energy is ‘good’ or ‘bad’… the test is no longer a matter of competing rhetoric. Instead it becomes a policy contest, a battle of ideas.”

Mr. Shorten indicated that Aussie is lagging behind in terms renewable energy investment under the coalition government, making reference to numbers which indicate that last year clean energy investment increased by 8% in the United States, 12% in Japan and 35% in China, but declined by 35% in Australia. He further stated that investing in large scale renewable energy dropped by 88 percent in Australia.

Citing figures that predicted already falling costs of renewables and battery storage would halve again in the next five years, Shorten predicts “consumers not governments” would drive the energy change.

He indicated the strategy put forward by Labor’s would see to it that “affected workers” were “redeployed, retrained and supported” via the shift.

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