Mining and Solar Power

Sirius Resources has recently made public specification of a solar/diesel power facility for the Nova Nickle Mine within Fraser Range in Western Australia.

Zenith Pacific intends to build, possess, maintain and implement a 200 megawatt combined diesel/gas consistent power station coupled with a 6.7 megawatt solar plant to provide power to the existing mining companies.

The solar unit is intended to produce approximately 12.5 million kWh/year. The incorporation of solar power will reduce the consumption of diesel power, which is approximately 3 milllion litre per year.

Exactly half of the energy required by Nova Nickle Mine will be generated from solar energy when the sun is at its climax.

Solea AG form Germany, which built the world’s first world’s first 1MW ground mounted diesel/photovoltaic dual electric power station for use by mining industries, is in partnership with Zenith Pacific for this project. Solea AG is experienced in integrating commercial-scale solar photovoltaic with remote and off-grid electricity.

Sirius Resource has expressed their keen interests in this project.
“I am personally very proud to have the opportunity to apply renewable green technology at a mine site, using a proven system and at no capital cost,” stated Sirius’ Managing Director Mark Bennett. ” It shows that mining and environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive concepts, and that it is possible to operate in a way which benefits our shareholders, other stakeholders and our planet.”

Very soon Australia will be the country with the world’s largest off-grid solar power plant used in the mining industry; 10.6 megawatts solar farm at DeGrussa Copper Mine in Western Australia.



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