Roof Mounts

If there is enough space and sun exposure, securing solar panels on the roof is the perfect choice.

Most residential PV systems are mounted on roofs.

Solar roof mounting systems are a great choice – there is a wide range of components and systems out there to custom-fit almost any module configuration to almost any roof – flat or pitched. You can install solar panels to buildings that are up to 200m high.

  As long your roof has enough space to fit the system size you are after, and it has good sun exposure, preferably facing due North in Australia, a roof-mounted solar PV system is the right choice for you.

The Racking Brands We Recommend


High quality and cost-effective solar mounting


 Commercial and Residential Solar PV Roof Mounts


Accredited to be used in:

USA, Australia, Japan and many more.


Warranty: Ten years


Australian made solar PV mounting systems.



 Commercial and Residential Solar PV Roof Mounts

Manufactures in:


Warranty: Ten years

Product Snapshot: SunLock’s Solar PV Roof Mounting Solutions

Main Features

  • Fast installation – SunLock uses a key insert which goes straight into the rail and ensures straight angles and secure fastening. To ensure perfect alignment of panels, brackets and clamps can be loosened and adjusted easily.
  • Compliant – installation drawings and compliance certificates provided.
  • Durable – SunLock uses 6000 series aluminum (predominantly 6106-T6) which has a 25+ year service life under Australian conditions, even without anodizing.
  • Earthed – according to CEC guidelines, systems using transformerless (TL) inverters must be properly earthed with EarthLock washers and bonding terminals.
  • Edge zones – SunLock manuals include spacing tables for roof edge zones, especially important for small domestic installations which are usually fitted close to roof edges.
  • Accurate – manuals include fixing capacity ratings for their key components such as L-feet (1.6 kN),  tile brackets (1.03 kN), and roofing screws for steel purlins (1.05 kN for non-cyclonic conditions, 0.63 kN for cyclonic regions).


Brisbane based high quality solar supplier


 Commercial and Residential Solar PV Roof Mounts

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Warranty: Ten years

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