Solar Ground Mounts

Learn about your options for mounting your solar PV system on the ground.

Concrete Ground Mount

For concrete ground-mounted solar systems a concrete foundation is poured for the ground mount to be fixed to. This is very typical of a ground mount installation in a cyclone region.

Manufactured by Clenergy, this is the most expensive type of fixed ground mount and can cost up to $500 per kW installed (without the concrete).

Pillar Mount

Manufactured by Clenergy, the pillar ground mount system is designed for wind region A installations. It is easy to install and cheaper than other options at approximately $400 per kW installed.

Ground Screw – by Krinner

Although costly, the ground screw system is very good, and great for remote regions with very low wind speeds. It can be installed using a ram device and is extremely secure.

The installation costs of ground screw systems are approximately $700 per kW fully installed including labour, equipment hire and materials.

Ground Anchor – by Mega Anchor

The mega anchor system is also a good choice of mounting system that be installed in any wind region. It’s a concrete free pile driven foundation system that is quick to install and costs in around $600 per kW fully installed.

Clenergy Mounting Systems



Ground Mounts for large-scale Solar PV installations

Warranty: Ten years

Presence in Australia: Yes

Supplier Snapshot

Clenergy started up in Australia and today has offices on four continents, in Malaysia, China, UK, USA and of course Australia.

Clenergy’s solar PV mounting systems and large-scale inverters are globally renowned for their quality and durability.

Large investments in R&D ensure the company’s place at the cutting edge of renewable energy technologies.

The Clenergy range of mounting systems feature easy installation, a ten year warranty and a wide variety of applications for residential, commercial, utility-scale and custom projects.

Clenergy is a member of the CEC (Clean Energy Council), sources most of its electricity needs from renewables and has other sustainability programs in place.

Passionate about innovation and corporate responsibility; Clenergy works together with universities and not-for-profit organizations to keep improving and delivering renewable energy to all corners of the world.

Clenergy products carry a ten-year warranty with a dedicated customer service team available to assist with pre- and post-purchase support.

Product Snapshot: PV-ezRack® SolarTerrace II & III™:

Main Features of Clenergy’s PV-ezRack® SolarTerrace II™:

  • Pre-assembled ground mount system suitable for commercial and utility-scale installations.
  • Easy installation through driven pole technology and pre-assembled components reduce the construction lead time and labour costs of large scale projects.
  • Smart, patented design.
  • Compatible with most PV panels on the market.
  • High quality components, mainly manufactured from anodized structural grade aluminum.
  • Saving you time and money on installation and maintenance.
  • Wide range of horizontal and vertical adjustability of the post head can balance out the dislocation of the rammed posts.
  • Suitable for installations also on uneven ground.
  • Versatility to meet various engineering requirements – posts are available with a wide range of in-field adjustability from 5-30 degrees.
  • Strict ISO 9001 based quality control over materials and finished products ensure optimum strength and long life for your installation.
  • Ten-year warranty.

Main features of Clenergy’s PV-ezRack® SolarTerrace III™:

  • Universal pre-assembled ground mount system for commercial and utility-scale installations sites where ramming is not feasible.
  • Can be installed anywhere, does not need concrete footing.
  • Suitable for almost all PV panels including thin-film modules.
  • Manufactured from structural grade, anodized aluminium and with stainless steel fasteners to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.
  • Delivers exceptional value per watt installed.
  • Cyclone rated – provides a strong and sturdy structure that is suitable for use in high wind and snow load environments. Strict ISO 9001 based quality control over materials and finished products ensure optimum strength and long life for your installation.
  • Ten-year warranty.

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