The Australian Government has committed more than $2 million to develop a solar coating technology which could increase the output and efficiency of renewable energy.

ARENA CEO Ivor Frischknecht has opened the new facility in Queensland, which will use landmark technology to produce an anti-reflection coating for all types of solar panels.

According to Mr Frischknecht, the high-performance anti-reflective coating technology, produced by Brisbane Materials, is expected to provide a low cost, commercially viable way to increase the efficiency of newly manufactured solar panels.

Mr Frischknecht said, “ARENA understands the importance of investing right across the innovation chain, from research and development to commercialisation.

“This technology has evolved from a university laboratory to pilot scale production and is based on landmark research developed at the University of Queensland.”

Brisbane Materials CEO Gary Wiseman said the new pilot-scale facility in Darra, Queensland would allow the company to further advance the commercialisation of its technology.

“Brisbane Materials is now in the exciting position of being able to scale up operations at our new Queensland headquarters while expanding sales and marketing efforts around the world.

“The Australian Government’s support of this project through ARENA is encouraging Australian discovery and providing the opportunity to expand Australia’s export base in efficient, cost effective renewables.”

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Source: New solar panel technology

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