Bill Shorten

Opposition leader Bill Shorten will summarize Labor’s renewable energy vision this coming week in the 2015 All-Energy Australia conference, which will take place in Melbourne.

This year’s All-Energy Australia is supposed to be the first since its coalition with the Clean Energy Council’s annual national solar conference, which makes it Australia’s largest renewable energy conference and exhibition programme.

As stated by Reed Exhibitions executive director, John Gorton, the existence of territory and federal politicians at All-Energy conferences has shaped future debate throughout Australia’s energy mix.

“We are pleased to announce the Hon. Bill Shorten MP will be attending All-Energy Australia this year, and look forward to hearing his vision for Australia’s energy sector,” Gorton stated in a media statement on Monday.

Actually, the last time a main renewable energy conference in Aussie was addressed by a senior Coalition politician was in 2013, when the deputy environment spokesman Simon Birmingham who was in charge suggested no change to the renewable energy target, not even the previous 41,000 gigawatt hour target.

A year ago, the previous minister from the ultra-conservative Thatcher government labelled the Abbott government’s quest to scrap Australia’s carbon price as “reckless” and “deeply shaming.”

Lord Deben stated that Australia is gradually sinking, due to its refusal to tackle climate change.

“Conservatives around the world are taking action on climate change, including Britain and Germany. It’s in the DNA of conservatives to hand on a better world to your children and I hate that Australia is letting down conservatives around the world,” Deben said, describing Abbott as someone who “clearly …refuses to accept the science of climate change.”

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