The average household will see a power price increase in QLD of 13.5% or $200 per year.

The Queensland Competition Authority is tipped to recommend electricity prices increase 13.5 per cent next financial year when it releases on Wednesday its draft decision for 2014-15.


It has since emerged the increase equates to $192 a year, not $270.

‘‘What we’re seeing from the reports is that the true cost of Labor’s carbon tax is now being felt by all Queensland consumers and in fact, if the tax wasn’t there, then power bills would be $116 cheaper …,” he told 612 ABC Brisbane.Treasurer Tim Nicholls has blamed the carbon tax for the increase.

‘‘We need really to get on the phone and tell all the Queensland senators to support scrapping the carbon tax.’’

However, the QCA 2013-14 report found the “main reason” for the price rise was “the increase in how much it costs to transport electricity”.

It found that network costs accounted for 48.2 per cent of the average residential electricity bill, while the carbon tax contributed 7.5 per cent. Other green schemes added a further 16.7 per cent.

Next year’s price hike follows a 22.6 per cent rise in electricity prices this financial year, which saw the average annual household power bill rise by more than $260.

The average electricity bill for a family of four jumped $343 from $1662 per year to $2005 – a 21 per cent increase.

Salvation Army Major Neil Dickson said many people would not be able to afford the price increase.

‘‘What we’re finding now with people is that they’re having to go without using their power, or find alternate ways to cook their meals,’’ he said.

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