Distributed Solar Energy very Efficient and Cheaper

Few weeks ago, United State President Barack Obama initiated a pioneering strategy to push the country away from coal and focus more on clean energy generation. This time he is particularly interest is in the customer-side with a set of resourcefulness to aid Americans accumulate electricity in their households, motivate manufacturers to supply more efficient appliances, as well as enhance research to discover new energy technologies.

As part of the announcements at the National Clean Energy Summit, factors such as “incentives to help homeowners borrow money for energy upgrades and a better way for manufacturers to measure energy efficiency” were raised. Yet President Barack Obama is boosting solar science research: “$US24 million will go to 11 research projects that are working to make the technology cheaper and more efficient”. This is a giant initiative.

Even though the strategy included other energy sources, solar is the main subject of interest of President Obama’s vision — he haspreviously inaugurated a solar program for low-income neighbourhoods.

Just last year, the US provided online more of solar energy every three weeks which is similar to that of 2008, and employment in the solar sector increased 10-times higher than the remaining economy. The mean cost of solar power systems has declined by 50% since the commencement of 2010. In 2014 alone, the cost of distributed solar energy has declined by 10-20% and recently 44 stated have pricing strategies that boost high integration of distributed energy resources.

The main focus is on distributed energy – “the ability to, say, gather solar energy on your roof instead of having it piped into your home from a centralised plant.” This s the easiest and quickest way of gathering electricity, since you don’t need to utilize a lot of energy to move it around. “This is where better technology can certainly help — to make the hardware accessible, improve storage (a la Tesla batteries) and bring costs down.”


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