Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Towards Tackling Climate Change With Caution

The current Australia’s Prime Minister-designate Malcolm Turnbull might find remedy to curb climate change as an economic motivator, says analysts and academics, but will work steadily to be able to gain support from his team.

Malcolm Turnbull is to be sworn in as the current Australia’s Prime Minister, and will be the fourth prime minister within two years.

Australia being among the biggest greenhouse gas emitters in the world on per capita level relies profusely on coal-power. Turnbull reassured the country his dedication to improving on the Federal Government’s carbon emission plan and global warming policy.

Yet, analysts and academics have stated that they are expecting some changes from him, though gradually and in a way that will be accepted.

“I have no doubt that Malcolm Turnbull will be wanting to move the party in a different direction on climate change but he will also be remembering with some tenderness that this was the issue that saw him ousted as opposition leader,” stated Sarah Maddison, associate professor in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne.

Abbott removed Turnbull from power in a party-room coup in the latter period of 2009, when the coalition was in opposition, mainly among dissatisfaction over Turnbull’s affinity for an emissions trading scheme.

“I imagine that he will attempt to sell changes in government policy on economic terms rather than environmental terms,” Maddison said.

Developers and academics are expecting him to sell more ambitious climate change target as a model to manage the end of Australia’s ‘once-in-a-century’booming in the mining sector. This will also serve as a model to neutralize a declining Australian economy, said analysts.

Turnbull embracing powerful climate change strategies would bring the coalition more in action with public opinion.

“The world has changed,” stated John Connor, chief executive officer of the Climate Institute, which recommends action on climate change. “Now in mid-2015, Australians very much support stronger climate action and overwhelmingly support investment in renewal energy.”

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