Cairns coconut holiday resort


BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut is a seasonal holiday resort in North QLD that uses a substantial amount of energy to power a café, restaurant, 2 swimming pools and water parks as well as over 100 villas. 

Our CEO worked directly with Senior Management at Ingenia to design a system that would cover the resorts minimum load, year round. Due to the seasonal variation in energy consumption, installing a system to cater for high summer loads would make it over-sized for winter loads. This would reduce the utilization of the solar energy and dilute the returns. Finding the ‘sweet spot’ was key to delivering a project that met the financial returns the client desired.

GEM Energy installed 99.9kW system across multiple buildings. The project also involved over 120 metres of under-boring, new electrical distribution boards, new electrical pits and other civil works. The project is on track to deliver returns of 18% per year as well as as reducing grid consumption by over 130,000kWh.

 A reduction in power costs provides a direct and substantial reduction in the resorts operating costs.

Project Details

Location: Cairns, QLD 4868

Panels: 278 x Canadian Solar 360W

Inverters: 1 x Fronius x SYMO-20.0 

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