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The Government has urged to generate 50% of Queensland’s electricity from renewable energy by 2030, yet this is the initial phase into the market via Ergon Energy and the Queensland Government declared it wouldn’t have happened if Ergon Energy has been put on sale.

The acquisition will help take care of new projects that have previously been trying to reach a foothold in the system with the inclusion of 2000 MW solar plan for Millmerran.

The agenda was created after the Abbott Government’s plan to attain a RET of 33,000 GWh.

The Energy Minister Mark Bailey stated that Queensland clean energy industry will create a lot of jobs as well.

“This is the beginning of the large scale renewable energy agenda of the Palaszczuk Government,” Mr Bailey said.

“This will mean new construction projects, jobs in regional areas, and getting on with building our renewable future.

“This simply would not be happening if Ergon Energy was being privatised as planned by the previous LNP government.

“Our focus on public ownership and strong commitments on renewable energy gives confidence to Ergon to take this forward.

“Leveraging new solar, wind and hydro opportunities will create further jobs across the state during construction and ongoing maintenance.”

Chief Executive of Ergon, Ian Mcleod stated that the agenda was a logical one.

“Renewable energy sources including rooftop solar are already contributing over 10 per cent of the electricity for our main grid and we expect that growth to continue.

“Queensland’s sugar industry’s generation of renewable energy is already contributing $45.7 million in economic value to the industry.

Ergon Energy Retail is set to call for comprehensive submissions from companies that would be able to help reach this target.


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