Large-Scale Solar Auction

The recently elected Queensland Labor government indicates it has expanded the capacity of its large-scale solar auction to 60-megawatts from 40 megawatts as it strives to enhance what energy minister Mark Bailey labels as the shift from the “sunshine state” to the “solar state.”

This new auction plan is follows the success of the auctions in the Australian Capital Territory – to support the renewable energy sector in the territory as part of its 50%RETS by 2030.

ARENA urges to put aside $100 million in grants to obtain some 200-megawatts of large-scale solar constructed in Aussie, and this will be backed by a extra $250 million investment from CEFC.

Queensland will bring in an undefined amount of additional funds to make sure that not more than 60-megawatts of large-scale solar are constructed in the territory. This is more than the 150-megawatts large-scale renewables, predominantly solar, to be contracted Ergon Energy.

“We are long overdue in getting large scale renewables going in this state,” Bailey said, noting that the state had lost nearly 1,300 renewable energy jobs under the previous government in an “astonishing own goal” by the Coalition government.

“You are going to get a lot of large scale solar going in our state,” Bailey said. “We are determined to make the Sunshine State the Solar State.”

Queensland is leading the rooftop solar market, with over 1,400-megawatts of capacity installed onabout 450,000 homes. The new government expects to duplicate this to about 3,000MW of capacity on a million rooftops by 2020.

Bailey said the policy will enhance the growth of the renewable energy industry.

“It is not just good policy, it is a good investment in terms of growing the industry,” Bailey informed RenewEconomy.

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