Queenslaand’s Central Highlands Regional Council approves a $400million Solar Farm Project near Tieri

The Central Highlands Regional Council has authorizes the construction of a $400 million solar farm project on a land close to Tieri, which is expected to create approximately 200 jobs.

Mayor Peter Maguire stated the solar park will provide environmental sustainability, and also help to improve the economic stability of the entire territory.

“The hope is that when it’s operating they feed the electricity back into the … [grid],” Mr. Maguire said.

“There are the jobs in the construction phase; I think clearly there’s some full-time jobs involved it in as well.
“It’s a really … positive announcement for the whole region.

“The solar panels are going to be mounted in rows on a tracking system that will track the path of the sun.
“We’re just pleased to be able to have another industry, another business in the community that offers an alternative for people.”

The Central Highlands Regional Council Council’s commitment to authorize the large solar farm project happened simultaneously with the Queensland government’s mandate to enhance the capacity of its large-scale solar auction from 40MW to 60MW, as part of its effort to attain a renewable energy target of 50% by 2030.

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