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Before your solar energy system installation goes ahead, there are some things you should ask the company to make sure you’ve made the right choice.
Be sure you’re well-informed about the right system for your requirements and whether it’s enough to just reduce your energy bill, or completely replace it by becoming self-sufficient.

What Size System Do I Need?

Your solar energy installer should have already calculated the correct system size from your previous power bills by looking at your average usage statistics. Be sure the company understands your reasons for installing a solar energy system and how you intend to use it. Your installer should have a good idea of how much you’ll save on your bills.

Roof Factors to Consider

Ask about the best way to configure your solar panels for maximum sunlight. Do you have enough space for the capacity you need? Is the pitch steep enough? Will you need tilted panels? What about trees near your roof? Will you need to prune them back to maximise the amount of sun your solar panels receive?

Can I Add to the System Later?

What if you want to add more capacity at a later date, or install batteries to store excess power? Your system should be flexible enough that you can expand it if your energy needs increase. Will your current installer be able to do the work of installing more panels or batteries so your warranty isn’t voided? Will your current installer be around to support you and your solar energy system?

Quality Components

Ask about the brand of the components you’ll be receiving. Where are they made? Are they top quality with good warranties and will they last? What happens if something fails under warranty? Will the installation company fix it, or will you have to run around trying to find someone else to do it? Your system is brand new now, but what will happen in a few years if things go wrong?


What maintenance will you have to do, when and how? Does the installation company offer a maintenance plan? If so what does it involve, and how much extra will it cost? Can you save money by doing your own maintenance?

How Much Will it Cost and How Long Will it Take to Pay for it?

Find out exactly what your new system will cost, make sure there are no hidden charges, and get as many quotes as possible from reputable installers to see the difference in pricing. Are there any government rebates or incentives? Is financing available? How long before the system pays for itself?

Use a Professional and Reputable Installer

If your installer can’t answer any of these questions, you should think twice before proceeding with the installation. Fortunately, Gem Energy is a professional and reputable solar energy company who will gladly answer all your questions and show you how we’ve calculated everything. We’ll be to offer support and advice for the life of your system. Call 1300 969 471, or fill in the online contact form.

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