Finding key facts about solar in Australia is set to be made easier with the launch of the REC Agents Association (RAA) ‘Solar Facts’ portal.

The information portal launched today by the renewables industry body is designed to deliver the facts in a sometimes toxic solar industry debate, RAA says.

“A number of spurious claims have been made about the solar industry, the Renewable Energy Target and the cost and contribution of solar, and it’s time to correct the record,” RAA president Ric Brazzale said.

“The Solar Facts information portal is a valuable source of information for policymakers, journalists, solar industry professionals and anyone passionate about solar wanting access to facts.”

Mr Brazzale said the portal would be regularly updated and expanded and included facts like:

– Australians invested more than $1.7 billion in solar PV in 2013.

– Solar PV installed capacity amounts to nearly 6% of Australia’s generation and 2.2% of total electricity produced.

– There is no net cost to customers for the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

“Solar is an important part of mainstream Australian life,” RAA vice-president Fiona O’Hehir said.

“More than 2 million solar installations have been supported by the Renewable Energy Target. Almost 25 per cent of the 8.4 million occupied private dwellings in Australia have a solar system.”

Other solar facts

– More than 17,700 Australians were employed in the solar PV industry in 2013.

– Solar PV produces electricity when it is needed the most and has resulted in a material reduction in peak demand for electricity.

– The Renewable Energy Target provides downward pressure on wholesale electricity prices and, as a result, wholesale prices are considerably lower than would otherwise be the case.

– Network costs have driven higher power prices not the Renewable Energy Target.

– Outer metropolitan mortgage belt and regional areas are the largest adopters of solar.

Source: RAA to ‘set solar record straight’

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