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When it comes to solar for Aussie homes, there is no one in the industry who emphasises quality more than GEM Energy.


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The GEM Energy Guide To Solar 

To help you out with solar, our team have produced this suite of short and simple, straight to the point, videos to answer any questions you have!

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Why Australians are choosing our quality solar energy and service over the rest.


A solar system should be on your roof for 20+ years and it is an investment that cannot be rushed.

There is a constant tug of war between price and quality. Far too often, the low upfront costs of a cheap system draw people in, but in the long-run they are left high and dry with a broken or under-performing system and no company to help them.

At GEM Energy it is our mission to combat this by providing a consultative approach, specifying the highest quality products on the market and using the best local installers. 


What You Need To Know About Us

– CEC Approved Retailer

– Offices in Brisbane & Darwin

– 3 year pipeline of projects secured

– 70% of our customers are referrals

– 3 CEC Design & Installation Awards

– Master Electricians Austraila Member

– Over 50 full-time staff and more sub contractors

– QLD, NT, VIC & NSW licensed electrical contractors

– ISO Quality Certified, Environment Certified and Safety Certified

– CEO is on the CEC Board, advising on policies to improve the industry

– Diversified revenue streams (commercial, residential, consulting, LED lighting & more)

Solar System Size and Price Guide 

Going solar can be an incredible way to save money on your electricity bills and do a good thing for the environment at the same time! Our team take you through a full consultant at length in order to deliver a system that is right for your home and energy usage! 

6.6kW System

5kW Inverter

Good for for small households

pricing will range from

$5K – $10K


10.4kW System

8kW Inverter

Good for the average size household

the pricing will range from

$8K – $13K


13kW System

10kW Inverter

For a good quality install

the pricing will range from

$14K – $20K


19.9kW System


For a good quality install

the pricing will range from

$20K – $26K

30kW System

25kW Inverter

Good for large 3-phase system

the pricing will range from

$32K – $55K

Your System Savings!

Here a two examples of our most popular systems which show you the system size, equipment and the savings!


6.4kW System 


This example is for a 6.4kW system which is ideal for the everyday energy costs of an average family of 4, producing energy during the day with the battery storing for any blackouts or power outages. The affordability of this system along with the ease of approval when connecting to the grid makes this system one of the most popular.

 10.24kW System


 This example is for a 10.24kW system which is ideal for eliminating energy costs for full energy independence. The larger system will cover energy usage completely and often produces a credit. The battery stores energy which is ready to use and will lower the costs while you can actually increase your usage!

The Components Of Your Solar System

  • solar panels
  • one or more solar inverter
  • one or more batteries, depending on your setup

You can learn more about range and why the quality of our products and installation simply can’t be beaten by clicking below.

Finance Options

You are now able to go Solar without finding thousands of dollars in upfront capital. We offer interest-free repayment plans with no upfront costs.

Rebates & Feed-In Tariffs

The Commonwealth Government issues Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) as part of its Renewable Energy Target (RET) policy.

Hybrid Solar

Gain more independence from rising energy prices. Store your electricity and use it at night and during peak times when it is most expensive to buy from the grid.

Solar In The Northern Territory

Going Solar makes more sense in the Northern Territory than anywhere else in Australia.

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Off-Grid Solar

GEM Energy has extensive experience designing and installing off-grid solar power systems to generate your own electricity which include battery storage and a backup generator.

Battery & Energy Storage 

Get Even More Out Of Your Solar System

Whether you would like a battery for your current system or would like your system designed to be battery ready for one down the line, GEM Energy will help you get the absolute most out of your system! 

Benefits of battery storage include: 

– Reduction in energy bills – Save more by using more! 

– Security and Backup Energy – Keep the lights on when you need it most!

– Energy independence – Batteries reduce the amount you need to draw from the grid

“Absolutely flawless process throughout. We had a very complicated roof design, and the friendly team at GEM Energy has provided such an amazing solution that other retailers said was impossible, so we went too long without – should have done it with GEM ages ago.

Tony – 16.5kW System

“I have nothing but praise for the team at GEM Energy. When the team arrived for the installation, instead of taking the easy route they went above and beyond to ensure the conduit was hidden, which added an extra few hours onto the job for them. My experience has definitely been 5 stars and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending GEM Energy.

Janice – 6kW System 

“Would easily recommend GEM Energy to others and will use them again ourselves if we ever need to install a new solar system in the future. Fantastic service throughout the whole process; from sales to installation, the team was excellent to deal with at every step and made us feel very valued. Couldn’t be happier with the system we have and how well it’s performing.

Kurt – 6.4kW System

Award-Winning Quality Solar.

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